We help the world growing since 1992
For us, quality is second to none as we continue to maintain better quality in all products and services we offer
All our steps are taken with our customer in the centre for we believe he is the pivotal force behind our existence
Sourcing from our own farms gives us an upper edge in our fruits and vegetables segment


KV Group aims at multiplying employment opportunities in the economy it operates

KV Group re-structures its objective to best fit the population it serves
vis-à-vis the Omani tradition and culture and the economy

A Journey of Three Decades:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step may be a cliché but the flight of KV Group is nothing short of such a tremendous saga of building a business conglomerate from a simple grocer to what it is today by adding bricks after bricks.

Born out of the dream of two brothers, Mr. Abdul Jabbar and Mr. Abdul Vahid, the KV Group (Kochu Vilayil) today is a humongous business group with diversified interests starting from fruits and vegetables, which still remains to be the core business, to frozen foods, from construction and shopping malls and packaging to logistics and education.

KV Group started its operations in the Sultanate of Oman in early 1990’s as a retailer under the vision of its founders.
Vision complemented with dedication fetches valuable results over a period of time. Keeping the commitment to the nation where their business operates, KV Group established itself as a wholesaler in the Central Fruits and Vegetables Market, and continued to identify its opportunities keeping loyalty as its paramount credo.

With the eminent support of its local sponsor Mr. Zahir Said Zahran al Harrasi, as it is marching along the fourth decade, the conglomerate today has branched out to diverse business interests on a strongly cemented foundation with 55% market share in the industry. Headquartered in Oman in the trade name of Suhol al Fayha Trading LLC and with its operations in 3 other Countries, namely the UAE, India and Bahrain, the ever-young management team holds pride in laying the stepping stones to become an Omani company with global presence.

Suhol al Fayha Trading is the major contributor to the overall revenue of the KV Group. In the year 2000, the Group stepped into hypermarket business in the name of Anhar al Fayha and has made its presence felt with about 17 hypermarkets and supermarkets under the KV Group umbrella across the breadth and width of the Sultanate of Oman.

As a part of its growth strategy, in 2019, the KV group took over Kuriya Muriya, a 36-year old brand in frozen and chilled products business in Oman. With the proven track record in the foodstuff business, the entire Group now is able to share the products and services of these three verticals which have been constantly thriving to give quality service to the customers.

The Group made yet another diversified expansion by launching Al Naseem Plastics which is a predominant vertical engaged in plastic products manufacturing. Based in Sohar, Oman’s commercial city, the sophisticated, state-of-the art plastic manufacturing factory is producing and supplying custom-made plastic products through various outlets in Oman.

Another major expansion of the Group was National Choice Projects LLC, engaged in IT and ITE’s in the arena of Information and Communication Technology (ITC) business catering to various government organisations, schools, private institutions and the like since 2018.

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We Are Professional
We don't compromise on professionalism and is reflected on what we do. Our relations are built on mutual respect.
We Are Trusted
Gaining trust of the stakeholders is of paramount importance. We have gained and keep nourishing it and never want to break it.
We Are Experts
Nearly 4 decades of experience in the market is matchless and this gives us the edge over our peers. We tend give this back to our clientele.
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